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2nd International Ankle Symposium
Анонсы конференций, журналов и др. Отправлено Jay Hertel 16 Декабрь 2003, 09:02
The 2nd International Ankle Symposium will be held in Newark, Delaware (USA) October 15-16, 2004. The meeting will examine ankle instability and other related ankle pathologies from a multidisciplinary perspective. Attendees will include clinicians and scholars from the disciplines of orthopedics, podiatry, physical therapy, athletic training, biomechanics, and sports medicine. This conference aims to build on the success of the inaugural symposium held in Ulm, Germany in December 2000. Emphasis will be on oral and poster presentations of original research along with selected plenary presentations.
Further information including a call for abstracts may be found at: deadline for abstract submissions is July 1, 2004. Located along the East Coast corridor, Newark, Delaware is home to the University of Delaware and is conveniently located for easy access to major international airports including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and New York. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the symposium.

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