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New hip-op release
Анонсы конференций, журналов и др. Отправлено Debora Testi 25 Ноябрь 2004, 17:16
Dear users, As you know, the current Hip-Op release is going to expire on the 31st of December.The version with a new expiration date (30th June 2005) is now available at the download page.
Moreover, in the new version three commercial prostheses have been added to the implant database.
These are few simple instructions to install properly the program.
1) Download the software from
2) The file HipOp_v1.04.03.exe is a self-extracting winzip file.
3) Run the self-extractor
4) You are request to give the path where unzip distribution files, choose the path where Hip-Op will be installed.
5) Now you are ready to launch Hip-Op software.
If there are any problems, please post to the list.
Best regards
Debora Testi

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