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Orthovisc Synvisc
Где найти? (Документы, инструменты, оборудование, и т.п.) Отправлено vladis 12 Август 2007, 07:13
Уважаемые коллеги!Имеет ли кто-нибудь опыт применения этих двух препаратов при гонартрозе?
Orthovisc is a solution of high molecular weight hyaluronan.
Orthovisc is similar to healthy human synovial fluid, a substance that lubricates the joints.
Orthovisc is one of the hyaluronates used in viscosupplementation.
Orthovisc is injected directly into the knee joint to restore the cushioning and lubricating properties of normal joint fluid.
Orthovisc is indicated for the treatment of knee pain in osteoarthritis of the knee for those who have failed to respond to more conservative therapy. Use for other joints is beinginvestigated.
Orthovisc was FDA approved on 02/05/04.Orthovisc injections are typically given weekly for 3 or 4 weeks.
Orthovisc contains the highest concentration of hyaluronan available per injection.
Orthovisc is considered a treatment or therapy, not a drug.
Synvisc is like synthetic synovial fluid. I was told that it only works in about 40 percent of the people, and it works best on ealy arthritis. But the nice thing is it can be repeated every sixmonths.
Synvisc injections for cost reasons. I just had the 1st of 3 today and the total cost is going to be $728 for the 3 injections.

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