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Анонсы конференций, журналов и др. Отправлено Nuno Craveiro Lopes 20 Сентябрь 2010, 04:37
Dear colleagues and friends,

Barcelona Congress is close. It will join orthopedic surgeons from all around the globe, which uses a unique tool allowing a immense range of procedures, from fracture fixation to complex corrections of deformities - the external fixator.
Until now, there was no well-structured international organization to unite and provide adequate scientific support to this huge community.

The oldest organization, the ASAMI International, which emerged after the authentic revolution of bone reconstruction initiated by Gavriil Ilizarov, has persisted by personal commitment of one of its founders, Maurizio Catagni, supported by some enthusiast colleagues, without financial resources and no more activities than collaborating in scientific events and organizing an international congress based on Ilizarov techniques. Similarly, the WCEF emerged in 2005 with the sole intention of organizing a world congress on external fixation, most directed at users of other types of external fixators.

Moreover, because of their organizational characteristics and personality, ASAMI and WCEF have remained apart from all other international organizations, with no interaction, collaboration or even recognition that may allow, for example, to be represented at SICOT.

The idea of joining the two groups in an efficient and professional international organization, more scientifically sound and with a more organized and efficient basis, bringing together all national societies, associations, study groups or individual orthopedic surgeons engaged in those techniques, was greeted with enthusiasm.

This joint meeting has, besides its scientific component, the purpose of debating the embryo of the future Society or Confederation that one might well call, International Confederation of External Fixation and Bone Reconstruction, as the short name chosen for this Congress in Barcelona (ICEF & BR).

The Barcelona meeting will be crucial to this project. It is necessary that the most of the colleagues dealing with external fixation in all its facets are present at the congress and that all members with power to decide at the level of national and international external fixationassociations, including ASAMI and WCEF, can give their opinion at the general assembly.

Colleagues, together, we all will be the strength of this new organization.

See you at Barcelona.

Best regards,

Nuno Craveiro Lopes
Head of Orthopedic Department
Garcia de Orta Hospital, Almada, Portugal
Elected President ASAMI International (2010-2011)

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