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The Pediatric and Adolescent Knee
Анонсы конференций, журналов и др. Отправлено tozzik 16 Февраль 2013, 12:11
A comprehensive, one-stop resource on the surgical management of knee disorders in children and adolescents! This state-of-the-art reference examines both acquired and congenital conditions as well as a range of non-surgical problems. Throughout the text, readers will find 250 clinical illustrations, descriptions of the injection areas for the knee, key points, and tips on technique that make practical guidance easy to understand and apply.
Lyle J. Micheli MD, Mininder Kocher MD "The Pediatric and Adolescent Knee" English | 2006-03-17 | ISBN: 0721603319 | 736 pages | PDF | 50 MBConsiders the unique anatomic, physiologic, and psychological characteristics of children and adolescents, and how these characteristics affect diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. * Integrates the knowledge and experience of authorities from around the world. * Reviews non-surgical topics as hemophilia, infections, metabolic conditions, and neurological disorders * Reveals "how the experts do it"-whether it's a rehabilitation prescription for patellofemoral pain or drilling for osteochondritis dissecans-in the Technique Notes sections. * Features many original halftones from the image library at Boston Children's Hospital, Sports Medicine Division.

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